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Photowalk with a Moose!

Photowalk with a Moose!

Myself, I’m not much for architecture photography and it’s definitely not high on my priority list but when you are stuck smack dab in the middle of a huge urban centre, what other options do you have? Well let me tell you…lots!

I’m sure our host for the day, wildlife photographer Moose Peterson was thinking the same thing. This scheduled photowalk workshop was part of a week long photo expo held a couple of weeks ago in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver BC. Like Moose, I’m not one for being crowded and constricted by huge cement structures, people and pollution but where there is light, there are images! Moose is a professional photographer so I’m sure planning this walk was not as much about what we were to shoot but how. Light is everything to a photographer and how we interpret it and capture it is up to us. So with some advice, help and encouragement from Moose, off we went.
(Moose was also a special guest speaker at this years Canadian Imaging Conference & Trade Show and put on a very emotional and inspiring presentation about his adventures as a Professional Wildlife Photographer)

I didn’t make as many images as I usually would have if I was too wander out for a afternoon or a day with my gear. Normally I have a goal or a destination or subject in mind so you can imagine how overwhelming this urban jungle was as we stepped out onto the sidewalk with cameras in hand and no specific agenda! After a brief discussion about all things photography, Moose kindly reminded us that this was a photo “walk”…not a photo jog or a photo run. Taking our time would reveal many hidden opportunities, and it did!

This is one of the first things that caught my eye as I meandered around with the group. I figured back to basics and I think this image compiles some of the basic photographic elements we’re taught or learn to look for when first starting out.


It’s funny, I’ve never been out with a large group of photographers before but the first thing that occurred to me was that as soon as you point your camera in one directions, everyone looks.This is usually followed with everyone shooting in the same direction and not having the slightest clue what they were looking at. I found myself doing the same thing but as we all have a different vision, I quickly learned to focus on mine. This image is one of those that I was shooting and when I glanced over to the group, confusion in their eyes (or maybe I’m the one who was confused). From my vantage point from where I was standing across the street, the clouds reflecting in the window were only visible to me!


This one I snapped as I raced back to the conference centre in search of a washroom. Again, just a little colour mixed in with some vertical and thats all this was, very quick and easy…it had to be or you guessed it :)


OK, this image is a direct result from watching way too many online photo related videos, downloads and programs. The one I’m referring to specifically is a Kelby Training video featuring Jay Maisel. If you know who Jay is then you will understand. This is by no means a compassion between him and me because there isn’t one but as I looked at this scene, his work came to mind and I suppose it was taken in his style!


Again in black and white, I think I like them both equally!


Photography is a very personal thing for me. I find myself alone in my viewfinder, I’m alone at home in front of my computer and I’m alone in my thoughts as I try to conceive my vision. The thought of spending time walking around with a group of strangers really didn’t appeal to me and is definitely not for everyone. On the other hand I did have a great time and spending it with like minded folks inspires, especially when I found myself out on my usual element.

Parting shot is of Moose Peterson as he kindly obliged to pose with…well you guessed it!