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Sunset Palms!

Sunset Palms!

Howdy from WordPress Hell…

If I had a blunt object..say like a spoon. I would slit my wrists causing myself a very slow agonizing near death experience because someone would find me first only to save me which would alternately lead me back to this seat in front of this computer hacking apart WordPress with my one last braincell!
Not a very positive attidude I know but have no fear there is light, very little, but there is some and I am headed straight for it :) I think that’s a good thing.
As you may have noticed this site is starting to come together but now that I’m in my early forties I seem to forget things on a day to day basis. Trying to remember what I remembered yesterday about what I learned the day before is very difficult for an old dude like myself so your patience as always is most appriciated.
Bla bla bla… I know but it’s the truth!

If I have any viewers left by the time I’m up and at’em, it will be a miracle. So thank you…yes you! You are one of the few. “We should go shooting sometime!…no really…call me” ;)

Ok seriously, here is a sampling of what’s to come on my new website which will be on line soon, now if I can only remember how to transfer my website url to my new web host. Hahaha Good One!



p.s. Any unemployed web techie that would like to help me can send me an email. I pay in food, beer and oil changes for you vehicle, if in fact you have one :)