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HMMMM…This shot has me thinking!

HMMMM…This shot has me thinking!

Should I grab the gear and head out or should I sit back, select a bottle of my finest, pull the cork and relax!

It’s almost fall, but with mid day highs of 25 degrees out I’m not so sure but ok lets call it fall, and with that comes a barrage of exciting photo ops!

The long lazy days of summer are slowly dissipating giving rise to more friendly shooting light and times. For me, I am a wildlife type guy and now it’s time for me to start thinking about my game plan that gets me pumped up for the season. The best time to get great wildlife shots starts now and carries through and into winter. For us landscape and nature enthusiasts, fall colour is only but a few more sleeps but wait! Back the truck up! I’ve recently had and real eye opener that may have me rethinking my photo strategy for the upcoming season!

So what’s happened to me that could possible alter my photographic focus…well I had an epiphany last weekend while tending to my images at the local art exhibition, Artwalk (thanks for having me and thanks to all of you who came by to visit). I have asked myself many times and have given great thought to why we make images. Easy enough, we love it but what is the outlet for our images? I discussed that recently in a previous blog post. There are many but lets take this art exhibition I attended for example. Not only was it an exhibit but also a sale. As a photographer I eventually want to sell my work and some in the form of fine art prints. My question is, what type of image does it take to get someone to shell out hard earned money for a framed photographic print created by someone else? What I have discovered and the reason for these images of the grapes is… a few hours of observing folks meander through the hundred or so prints on display, my perception of what I believed would draw the most attention was completely backwards.

On display was a wide variety of images from a talented collection of photographers. From landscape, wildlife to cityscape, macro, abstract, black & white and even people. Every facet was represented and folks took it all in with great appreciation but what surprised me the most was the attention given to images containing local content! Locals and tourist alike tended to gravitated towards these prints or images that reflect some sort of familiarity, images that were easily identifiable with, ones that the viewer drew a connection with. We live here in the Okanagan Valley and considering most of the visitors were from around the local area, the images containing scenes and objects that were familiar, created the most conversation.

For example, I had my black and white landscape image of Mt Robson on display (located 7 hours north of home) and sure many people stopped to look. The odd person even showed some real enthusiasm for my shot but when we started to chat it became clear why. Those I talked with recently had an experience with the content contained within my image, that being Mt Robson. Some had traveled by on the highway and viewed it’s majesty, another had camped in the area over the summer and another took time to tell me about his photos of the same scene he captured with his point and shoot. A connection of sorts was formed as part of their experience there and this made me wonder. Why am I always waiting for vacations or out of town trips to come along before I really get excited and focused about my photography when in fact I’m missing the the pure essence of what lie just outside my front door. Unfortunately procrastination has left little in the way of any new local content in my files but that is all about to change.

That leads me to these two shots…My wife has been on this kick about vineyards and grapes and wine and so naturally she wants me to get out and get shooting and why not, we live in the Napa Valley of the north. I’m surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere. So with new information in hand…a new plan put forth, it’s time to reignite my passion that will let me pursue my newly formed vision with a lot more enthusiasm.

As I grow and mature as a photographer, these little lessons add to my knowledge base and are slowly preparing me for what lies ahead!

Quick Tip: I find that when shooting orchards and vineyards, you have to have good light. Early mornings and evenings during the golden hour is a given with any type of landscape work but I find especially true here as it makes it that much easier to get decent shots.




It was a great bottle of wine :D


  1. Nick Fitzhardinge

    Too True Greg! I actually saw that print of yours of Robson down at Unique Captures, unreal. Having lived over in the mountains for some time im finding it hard to ween myself off my addiction to photograph just those landscapes rather than focusing on the beauty all around us in The Okanagan. Im getting there slowly! Where do you post your newer work?



  2. admin

    Hey thanks, Nick….
    Due to some other factors my photography has been on the back burner lately but you can find some of my newest older work on my website.
    I am gunning up for a image filled spring so more to come!
    If you have a site, post it here so that we may have a gander….

  3. Nick Fitzhardinge

    Well look forward to your shots when you get back at it!…most of my newer stuff is going on my facebook page for now (, my website is on the backburner for when I have sufficient new material to justify working on it. All the best.