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Why am I doing this anyway!

Why am I doing this anyway!

A great question that I always find myself pondering over is… “what is the purpose of me taking all these damn pictures anyway?”
It’s kinda crazy when you think of it but over the past three years I have used up almost all my spare time, spent thousands of dollars, drove my wife and kids crazy, drove myself crazy and all in the pursuit of a what?

Yes, for most of us photography falls in the category of a hobby and most of us hobbyists call it a passion, but is all this time, money, and effort that we put forth meant to stay hidden away deep in the bowels of our hard drives? I realize we all have to start somewhere but that still raises the question of who is actually seeing our work, who is the end user, what is the end result or benefit?

Getting some form of exposure is the first step and the likes of photo sharing sites on the web are a good starting place. The problem for many is that it stops there. I want more for my photography and like few others I have gone a step or two further, but have I gone far enough?. The first question Moose Peterson asked me at the start of my mentorship with him was, where is your blog? Blog I said…I have a hard enough time speaking english let alone writing etc, but like it or not here we are. I also have a website used to display what I feel are some of my better images. From there I have also submitted and been published in a couple of local magazines and publications with plans on expanding those submissions to include larger further reaching publications. Is this enough? For me right at this point in my relatively short photographic endeavour, I think so!

So where does one go from here? I don’t want to sound lazy but I’m taking the slow and steady wins the race approach and that starts with bettering myself first as photographer. I do want people and other photographers to see my work because for one, positive feedback encourages me to move forward but I also feel a great satisfaction when someone shows some form of appreciation for something that I have created.
On the flip side I don’t want to rush things, I need to know I’m ready, I need the confidence.

As part of my nine month mentorship under Moose Peterson, the business aspects of photography were covered in great detail. This included how to get started as a working photographer. I was made privy to some real insider info and from that came to realization that there is way more than meets the eye. I’ve read many stories of everyday hobbyists making the jump to professional photographer and good on ya, it’s a big leap. I’m not quite ready to make a career change just yet but I have had the opportunity to see first hand the inner workings of a professional photographer. Let me say one thing, for the three days I spent photographing along side Moose, I learned a new appreciation for the word “passion”. You’d better have it if you plan this as a career choice because wow…it’s go, go, go!

Another aspect of photography that I really enjoy and want to greatly expand upon is print making. I have a little set up at home with a couple of Epson Printers and with them have been experimenting for the past couple of years with some success. There is a whole new learning curve to making ones own prints…with all the different types of papers, the profiles, calibrations, ink types, soft proofing, colour matching….yada yada and the list goes on but with the frustrations comes the satisfaction of seeing one of your own images come to life as it rolls out into the printing tray. When everything falls together the end result is very rewarding.

With that being said here are a set of prints that I just recieved back from the frame shop and are slated for display at the upcoming Artwalk. It’s one of the largest art exhibitions here in the Okanagan Valley. I was encouraged to submit some of my work and had four of the six images accepted. This is just another step down the road, another outlet in the continued effort to slowly expose more and more people to my work. There are a host of avenues like this and I am slowly going to discover and determine which ones suit me and my photographic goals the best.

That brings up the next question for a later discussion. What is ones photographic goal?

Artwalk is truly is a great event with tons of local talent so please stop by and say hello. As part of the exhibition, all the artists will be on hand to answer questions and what not so I look forward to meeting you! That’s only if I’m not curled up hiding in a corner somewhere… :)
Here is the link, and it runs September 8-9 out in Lake Country.

This image of the California Quail will be on display as part of my contribution. Hope to see you there!