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It’s all about location!

It’s all about location!

I have been thinking about a little photographic series based on the concept of only featuring images created within 100 meters of my house. We just recently moved into our new home and fortunately for me, we back onto crown land. Nothing but natures design from my rear yard and beyond.

Given the fact that we are barely unpacked and settled, I have been procrastinating about proceeding with my little plan but this morning I awoke nice and early and figured now is as good as any. With a coffee in one hand and telephoto in the other, I sat pool side to witness yet another glorious sunrise. As the air warmed and the birds began to sing their morning song, I was reminded of why I love the all that mother nature has to offer.

I decided that the first images of this challenge were to be taken from inside my yard and this shot of the goldfinch was about as good as I had a chance at in the hour I sat there. Not great in my opinion but a start non the less. I watched patiently as most of the birds danced just out of lens reach. Sure I could have put on the tele converter and attached my setup to my tripod and maybe got in a little tighter, but I wasn’t about to spoil myself this early into the plan. I want to leave plenty of room for improvement over the next weeks.
The reason I am posting these first photos is not because they are good by any means but because of how I shot this second image. It was just about time for me to go to work so I menandered inside to get ready and as I was rinsing my coffee cup, I saw a flash of movement just out side the patio door. I looked out and to my surprise, the finch that had me flustered all morning, was starring at me through the kitchen window. Ironically this shot was taken from inside my kitchen through the transom window above our patio door. Little bugger had the last laugh I think!

Ok that was yesterday so fast forward to this morning and again I went out to improve upon my luck. I have many varieties of wonderfully photogenic neighbours and I’m hoping to get to know all of them a little more intimately through my lens over the coming months.

Meet Dumbledore, he rules the rock and so has earned him the name from my wife and kids.

And this is what happens when you challenge Dumbledore for the prime spot on the rock…grrrr!

I have to have a little fun sometimes don’t you think?

I have removed Photoshop from laptop so again these are all brought to you with only marginal adjustments in Lightroom 4 to give the raw files a little life. I suppose I could shoot them in jpeg but….naaa! This makes me wonder if the “in camera” photo settings can be applied to raw images on import? I think Nikon can but don’t quote me on that.

These are all hand held shots with my 7D and f4 500mm lens giving the equivalent focal length of 700mm. I will chat about that a little on the next upcoming 5D Mark III hands on impressions post….

Thanks for stoping in….

Have a great weekend!